International Co-Productions: nordmedia Funding Regulations

Interested in international co-productions? Here is our essentials guide to funding regulations for international co-producers:

LOST TRANSPORT: Eugénie Anselin, Hanna van Vliet, Anna Bachmann © Ricardo Vaz Palma
LOST TRANSPORT: Eugénie Anselin, Hanna van Vliet, Anna Bachmann © Ricardo Vaz Palma

Who we are:

Founded in 2001, nordmedia is the regional film- and media-funding institution for the federal states Lower Saxony and Bremen in Germany’s north-west. The main shareholders are the federal states Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) and Bremen and the public TV broadcasters NDR and Radio Bremen. The ZDF (Second German Television), another public service tv broadcaster, acts as a partner, contributing also to nordmedia´s annual funding budget of approx. 11 Mio. Euro.

What we do:

Focusing on economic viability and culture, nordmedia funds all phases of film production: From development and preproduction through shooting to sales and distribution. From fiction to documentary, short film to series - we support them all!

How to get nordmedia regional funding:

  • A German co-producer is a formal requirement: Only a German co-producer shall apply for funding.
  • Usually, funding is limited up to 50 % of the expected German production costs.
  • The German producer has to provide an own investment of 5 - 10 % of his share of his budget.
  • Funding is usually provided as interest free soft loans, repayable in case of box office success or other kind of revenues.
  • German film financing structures allow a combination of funding from national and one or more regional film funds which can be combined in various ways.
  • Funding decisions are made by a jury and are based on the nordmedia funding guideline, approved by the European Union which provides our legal framework. For more details please have a look at the guideline .

Regional spend:

Film projects have to spend money in the region in order to be eligible for nordmedia regional funding: Producers are expected to spend 150 % of the granted funding in the film and media industry of Lower Saxony and/or Bremen. A lower spend can exceptionally be approved, if requirements of the subject or technical issues are indispensable or would cause disproportionate expenditure.

Sustainability - Green Motion:

Since 2022, German film productions are required to implement sustainability standards in their projects. This ambitious initiative and self-commitment of many key players of the German film and TV-industry focuses on the sustainable change to more environmentally friendly production methods and applies to the German project side. Adhering to these ecological minimum standards is awarded with the label "green motion".

Important dates: Jury

Three times a year our jury meets to decide about the applications we have received thus far. You do not want to miss your opportunity to apply for funding? Then make sure that your co-production partner hands in the application before the deadline to be taken into consideration for the next committee meeting:

Jury meeting I: March 16th 2022 (Application deadline: January 6th 2022)

Jury meeting II: July 6th 2022 (Application deadline: April 28th 2022)

Jury meeting III: November 11th 2022 (Application deadline September 1st 2022)

Book your online-consultation now:

For further advice, please contact funding consultant Petra Schleuning to schedule a consultation. We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing your options!

Your contact: Petra Schleuning, E-Mail

Film Commission:

You need support finding suitable film locations, equipment or team members in Lower Saxony and/or Bremen? Then do not hesitate to contact our Film Commission. We offer comprehensive services with a strong network of local industry experts and supportive local government executives, who are looking forward to assist you in your endeavours!

On our website helpful service tools such as the Location Guide or the team database mediahub will provide you with the details needed for your next project!

Your contact: Susanne Lange, E-Mail

Focus Germany:

Focus Germany is the umbrella brand of eight German regional film funds, supplying the details on the respective funding programmes and their film industry infrastructures. On the website ( you can find a list of potential co-producing partners in every region.