nordmedia Film Commission

The nordmedia Film Commission is the contact partner in all matters concerning film shooting in Lower Saxony and Bremen. As an interface between location providers, the media branch and local authorities, it offers free consultation and information services. It supports production companies in their search for shooting locations and establishes production-relevant contacts to local service providers and granters of filming permits.

In order to draw attention to the advantages of the states of Bremen and Lower Saxony as interesting and diverse shooting locations, the nordmedia Film Commission also advertises its work by way of publications as well as fairs and festivals in association with the German Film Commissions and is a member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN)

Location Guide, mediahub and Produktionsspiegel

In order to find locations and team members and gain an overview of productions funded by nordmedia, the nordmedia homepage also offers three extensive databases: The Location Guide contains a list of public and private shooting locations in Lower Saxony and Bremen which might be interesting for film, photographic or TV productions - with information on the respective localities and their contact partners. The mediahub serves as a tool to carry out research on Lower Saxony and Bremen production companies, service providers and freelancers for film, television and cross-media projects. And the Produktionsspiegel also includes all film, TV and Web productions funded by nordmedia.

Your contact:

Susanne Lange
nordmedia Film Commission
Phone: +49 (0)511 - 12 34 56 53