Location brochure: "Aufgedreht" - the most beautiful film locations in Lower Saxony and Bremen

Lower Saxony and Bremen score with their scenic diversity and offer varied locations with high show values.

This is what the location brochure "Turned Up - The Most Beautiful Film Locations in Lower Saxony and Bremen" would like to highlight with the help of a large number of photos.

The chapters are structured according to regions - and show in particular unique and therefore regionally recognizable locations. Many of the locations presented have already been used as settings for numerous successful films. An example of this is the “Burgplatz” in Brunswick in the film “Lessons of a dream” featuring Daniel Brühl. Further examples may also be found for each region.

The brochure lists film and television productions that have already been shot here and juxtaposes selected location photos with the film stills and set photos taken there. This opens up remarkable perspectives and makes it clear which visual possibilities the film and media locations Lower Saxony and Bremen offer or have already offered.

The publication is aimed at both filmmakers and those interested in film who want to get an impression of the local conditions and the highlights of Lower Saxony and Bremen. No matter whether you are a filmmaker or a film tourist - be ready for a big surprise. Have fun reading the brochure!

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The brochure is available for download here: