Oldenburg / Ostfriesland

Wind power and water

Dike near Pilsum - Picture:©Detmar Schmoll
Dike near Pilsum - Picture:©Detmar Schmoll

East Frisia is a picturesque countryside with green pastures, peacefully grazing cows, glowing fields of canola, blossoming parkland and gardenscapes, vast moors, and typical fen communities. Water is its characteristic element: canals stretching in straight lines, bascule bridges, dykes, high and low tides, long sandy beaches along the North Sea, and the seven East Frisian islands. In between Leer, Aurich and Emden you will find palaces, castles, lighthouses, and mills, often lovingly restored and open to the public. Particular treasures are the medieval churches with a total of over 300 historical organs - making East Frisia the most organ-rich area in the world.

The Emssperrwerk close to Gandersum is one of the most modern flood barriers in Europe, the deepwater JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven or the wind energy plants, which are visible for miles around, impress with their state-of-the-art technology.

Old Part of Town in Oldenburg - Picture:©TMN/Peter Hamel
Old Part of Town in Oldenburg - Picture:©TMN/Peter Hamel

The gateway to East Frisia is Oldenburg. The university town has become Lower Saxony’s fourth biggest town. Once the residence of Counts, Dukes and Grand Dukes, today the town boasts nearly 160,000 inhabitants, with a vast cultural offering and oases of green parkland. Situated between the Weser and the Ems, Oldenburg is the magnet of north western Lower Saxony. The region is internationally renowned in the film industry. Two festivals have their origins here and call Oldenburg and East Frisia their home: the International Film Festival Emden-Norderney and the Oldenburg International Film Festival.

The Wadden Sea - Picture:©Wangerland Touristik
The Wadden Sea - Picture:©Wangerland Touristik

The seven East Frisian islands off the coast of Lower Saxony closely resemble a string of pearls. Each island has its own special charm. No matter whether they are chic (Norderney), original (Langeoog, Wangerooge, Borkum, Baltum) or picturesque (Juist, Spiekeroog), they are all very similar regarding their landscape. Ranging from the wadden sea between the islands and the mainland, the marshland on the landward side and the dunes in the middle of the islands, to the long sandy beaches with an open view of the sea, the East Frisian islands offer tremendous variety. It’s no wonder that they are not only attractive holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world, but have also increasingly captured the interest of filmmakers as ideal film locations.

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