Harz / Göttingen

Lower Saxony has everything to offer: even mountains

Harz - Picture: ©Toma Babovic
Harz - Picture: ©Toma Babovic

Visible from afar lies Germany’s northern most mountain range which towers on the horizon: the Harz mountains. With granite cliffs, mountain woodlands, moors, and mountain streams. Hiking trails and footpaths meander through the woodlands of the Harz and lead to clearings. In winter the snow-covered landscape attracts athletes into the Harz. With its surface area of 2226 km² the Harz is a three-state mountain range. Lower Saxony can proudly say: We have everything - not only coastline, but also mountains.

The region’s architecture is diverse: picturesque half-timbered town facades, palaces, castles, as well as numerous relics of the historical mining industry. In the middle of the Harz you can find the thousand-year-old city of Goslar with its impressive sights, churches, and museums. The Rammelsberg mine and the old city of Goslar belong to the most precious cultural monuments of Germany.

Old Townhall in Göttingen - Picture: ©Göttingen Tourismus
Old Townhall in Göttingen - Picture: ©Göttingen Tourismus

The university city of Göttingen is situated on the south-eastern edge of Lower Saxony, with a stately medieval city hall at the heart of the old city and the market fountain with its famous Gänseliesel, the “most kissed girl in the world”. Magnificent churches and richly ornate half-timber houses from the gothic, renaissance, and baroque periods still today exude a hint of medieval Hanseatic glory to the otherwise vibrant big city. Yet German film made history in Göttingen: during the post war era in the studios of the “Filmatelier Göttingen” there were produced over 100 feature films, amongst others award-winning cinematographic works of “Filmaufbau GmbH Göttingen” as well as eight comedies with Heinz Erhardt.

Hann. Münden is situated on the border with Hessen and is known as the threeriver junction Drei-FlüsseEck, where the rivers Werra and Fulda join the River Weser. Here you will find enchanting alleyways and streets, and marvellous half-timber constructions with bay windows and historical doorways.

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