Hanover and its region

Pulsating metropolis located in central Germany

New Town Hall of Hanover - Picture:©TMN
New Town Hall of Hanover - Picture:©TMN

Hanover is the capital, as well as the political and cultural centre of Lower Saxony and the Metropol region. The central railway station is a nodal point for all directions of Germany. 250,000 visitors pass daily through the city as they make use of the modern and luxurious shopping malls, as well as of the varied cuisines on offer in the old town or at the central Lake Maschsee.

A diverse cultural offering with an international reputation includes the Herrenhäusen Gardens, museums with much acclaimed collections and exhibitions, as well as theatre performances and festivals, concerts ranging from pop to classical, and international sports make the city a lively and much loved cultural and recreational centre.

Herrenhäuser Gärten - Picture:©HMTG/Kirchner
Herrenhäuser Gärten - Picture:©HMTG/Kirchner

Not only notables from the sciences and economics, such as Leibniz and Bahlsen, but also many popular stars and starlets originate from the metropolis - from the Scorpions to Lena, pop history is written here. With approximately 500,000 inhabitants, Hanover is among the 20 largest cities in Germany - approximately four million people live in the greater area.

The exhibition grounds are the largest in the world - for the EXPO 2000, architecturally extraordinary buildings and projects were realised here and in the surrounding area. Situated in the valley of the Leine directly on the border between the niedersächsischen Bergland and the North German Plain. In the south west the foothills of the Weserberglandes flank the urban area; in the north, the sandy and marshy Geestlandschaften.

Marked Place of Hildesheim - Picture:©Hildesheim-Marketing/Obornik
Marked Place of Hildesheim - Picture:©Hildesheim-Marketing/Obornik

Hildesheim is a medium-sized town to the south of the capital which is particularly renowned for its churches: the cathedral and St. Michaelis are extraordinary examples of the religious art of the Romanesque period during the Holy Roman Empire. UNESCO acknowledged this by declaring the church of St. Michaelis and the Marien Cathedral together as a site of world heritage in 1985.

Left and right of the Weser, imbedded in the rolling hills of the Weserberglandes lies Hamlin. Located on the Märchenstraße, the historical town centre offers picturesque timbered facades.

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