Bremen / Bremerhaven

Two towns, one (federal) State

Twon Hall of Bremen - Foto:©Peter Pickert
Twon Hall of Bremen - Foto:©Peter Pickert

With approximately 550,000 inhabitants, Bremen belongs to the 10 largest cities in Germany. The ways are short in the tradition-rich Hanseatic city on the banks of the River Weser.

Beside impressive architecture of the Weser renaissance, many half-timbered houses, and an imposing city hall, Bremen has an urban and modern side: all around the airport, and the technology park. In the student neighbourhood, “Das Viertel”, the city pulsates, and in the old port area to the west of the historical centre of the city, a busy new district is growing, the “Überseestadt”. The old warehouses now accommodate offices, creative enterprises, and media companies. The importance of Bremen’s aerospace industry, as well as that of maritime research is supraregional.

Picture:©Climate House Bremerhaven
Picture:©Climate House Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, Bremen’s sister city situated on the Weser estuary, is even more strongly characterised by the water: huge container terminals, shipyards, and a fishing industry are in close proximity to the centre of town. Just a few years ago, the new port was nothing but a huge building site. Meanwhile the new attraction, the terrain on the Weser surrounding the impressive “Atlantic Hotel Sail City” has been completed.

The Klimahaus, an event and knowledge world featuring planet Earth and the climate, the hotel, the zoo on the sea, the German emigrant building, and the small traditional harbour make for a formidable ensemble. Both cities are separated by approximately 60 kilometres downstream, flanked by lush marshes and small traditional farming villages.

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